Family Photography in Rochester NY and beyond

All of our portrait sessions are on-location and personalized to you. We encourage you to choose a location with meaning to your family. That could be your home, office, favorite park or even doing your favorite activity. We don't use a studio space, but we do use various lighting styles depending on what the location calls for.

Documentary Family Session

NEW! For those who crave true authenticity, this session style contains zero posing. This is a longer session that showcases the real and natural relationships in your family.

Signature Family Session

This is what we are best known for! Our 60-90 minute session is great for families of all ages. We include some arranged images that still have a natural feel, as well as lots of candid images to get you a well rounded set to choose from.

Extended Family Session

I can still see my grandfather at every family gathering, turn to my grandmother and say, “Look what we started.” Preserve the generations of your family in a portrait. It's an investment that certainly grows with time.

Portrait Membership Program

Get photos throughout the year with this affordable program! In addition to a signature session, you also get photos from our monthly events. Get more info here!