We are truly thankful for the lives we lead. To us, what we do goes so much further than just pushing a shutter button. We're privileged to have careers that allow us to celebrate love and life with all of you on a daily basis.

We believe in relationships, and we also believe in cherishing each and every beautiful minute we're given on this earth with our loved ones. It's because of all of that, that we know it's our duty to help as many people as we can have a way to cherish their own relationships.

We're currently doing this in a variety of ways. Here's a few:

1% for the Planet: Every year, 1% of our gross proceeds will go to charities dedicated to protecting the earth. Our lives, our children's lives, depend on a healthy planet, and we're doing our part to protect it.

Fairport's Relay for Life: We volunteer our time, talent and manpower to fighting cancer. For every person who has lost a grandparent, parent, child or friend to cancer. We walk, we photograph, and we give our time to this great local committee.

Magic Hour Foundation: This is a national network of photographers who are looking to give back to individuals and families fighting cancer. They coordinate photo sessions to celebrate the truly important things in life through photography - each other. See more here.

The Baby Angel Pics Project: Donating photo retouching resources to the parents and families of a stillborn baby.

Church of the Assumption Photographing occasional events for the church community in Fairport, NY.