Family Portraits in Webster NY

Mom and Dad with three beautiful girls. One in middle school, one in high school and one entering college! How do they do it? And with two wonderful dogs too!

Of course, all the girls are a little different and into their own activities, but one thing they share is a love of volleyball. They are so lucky to have a beach court practically in their back yard. So of course, we had to take advantage! 

It was such a pleasure hanging out with this wonderful family. Good luck with the next phase of life - three girls in college!

Hope to see you all again soon,

Katie, Tyler and Ollie: Rochester NY Engagement Session

So we've spent a lot of time at Cobbs Hill Reservoir in downtown Rochester lately. Coincidentally, most of our visits there have been to photograph an engagement session. It's always a pretty busy place, so we're getting pretty accustomed to dodging runners on the path or picnic goers out for a night to watch the sunset over the city. That part always tends be the same. What I love, is that even though it's a familiar location, the people and the session is never the same.

For Katie and Tyler, the Reservoir made perfect sense as the backdrop to their engagement session. Their first apartment together was in the Upper Monroe area, so they visited Cobbs Hill regularly. It became one of their favorite spots to be together.

Together, they're comfortable, full of big smiles and laughter, even if they have differing opinions on baseball teams. (We'll forgive Katie for her life choices on baseball - just this once).

Oh, and can we talk about their rescue pup, Ollie for a minute? That little guy has such a personality; you can see it all over his face. He's so lucky to have been rescued by two of the sweetest, kindest humans.

After spending just a few short hours together, I know that their wedding day (and beyond!) will be amazing. I also know, that I can't wait to be part of it. Thanks you two!

~ Erin

A Wedding and Family Portrait Combo: Fairport NY

Andrea and Kevin recently got married in Georgia. Unfortunately, her grandparents here in Fairport were unable to make the trip South for the big day. So, what do you do when you really want those portraits with your grandparents?

Obviously, we couldn't recreate their wedding day for them. But no one says you can't get back into your wedding dress (hooray for wearing it twice!) and take some portraits with the loved ones who weren't there.

We're thrilled that Andrea had the foresight to know she would want these images, and honored that she came back to us to have them captured.

We even had time for a family tradition of making pizzelles together. (Yum!) We love these candid moments, together as a family. We're so lucky to have families like Andrea and Kevin's in our lives that also cherish them as well.

~ Lori

Emily: Rush Henrietta Senior Portraits

Emily is one of our 2018 high school seniors. She's such an easy going, relaxed girl. She loves to laugh and be a little silly and playful.

It all showed in her senior portraits at the Sunken Gardens in Highland Park. We had so much fun with her and everything she brought along. We incorporated her love of music, and some of her favorite momentos as well as her fun flower printed prom dress. The options were endless! :)

We also had her Mom, Grandma and big lovable St. Bernard, Bailey along for the night. It was great to have each one of them there, represented in her life as a high school senior.

Enjoy your senior year Emily! We can't wait to see where your adventures take you next!

~ Lori

Alaina is one! {Fun birthday portraits}

Alaina is a happy one year old. She loves being outside (as do I) so playing with bubbles, blocks and swinging was a great start to the session. But the way it ended was fantastic... her parents gifted her this water table! Watching her play and splash around, you could tell she was in her happy place.

Her family is part of our VIP membership program. We've been honored to see Alaina go from newborn to almost a toddler over the past year. We can't wait to see her grow as the next year goes by!

If the pig tails don't get you, that smile will! Happy Birthday Alaina!


Family Vacation Time on Lake Michigan

Living on Lake Ontario, it's easy to assume that all of the Great Lakes look the same. However, on a recent trip to Ludington MI, I learned I was quite wrong. The lake was blue, the beaches had white sand, and there were sand dunes that made you feel like you were in a desert (even if the day we visited them was the coldest one all week). It was strange and beautiful all at the same time.

We checked out the beach, lighthouses shops and sand dunes in the area. We visited one of the coolest botanical gardens that I've ever seen, in Grand Rapids.

At first, I had my camera out and at the ready. But as the week passed, I left it in the bag more often, and either used my iPhone camera, or just enjoyed the time without it.

Mostly, we spent the week getting some R&R and spending time with family.

I came to the realization about myself that because of what I do, being an observer is now engrained into who I am.  I love to see the moments that sometimes go unseen in the everyday world.

I enjoyed watching as my three year old transformed from a toddler to a little boy. Chasing his cousins around the yard, playing a version of "Star Wars meets Batman" that I will never fully understand. At night, there was ice cream, popcorn, s'mores and more ice cream, along with beautiful sunsets and board games.

I enjoyed this week, just sitting back and watching my family be together. Sometimes, that's just what's needed. Enjoy the glimpse into our week in Ludington!

~ Erin

Extended Family Portraits by the Erie Canal

What better way to celebrate your 50th anniversary than surrounded by the people you created (and their families)? Richard and Lori's children honored them with this photo session and a weekend of fun events together. It's not often you get all 18 people in one place, and we were honored to help them capture this milestone.

Getting all 4 kids and 8 grandkids in one place was no small feat and took months of planning. But it was all worth it, and we had a gorgeous summer day. Being by the water was important to them, so when they sun came out, everyone (i.e. - anyone taller than Erin) was helpful in making sure we got the shot! 

Thanks to all of our extra assistants that day! (see the outtake below) The diffuser and umbrella allowed us to shoot in the sunny areas by the Erie Canal.

Happy 50th Anniversary, here is to the next 50 years!

-Lori and Erin

And Baby Girl Makes 5: Family portraits in Hilton NY

There's one thing I know - this little girl will be fiercely protected. Nothing's getting past two big brothers, and her Daddy as she grows up. But if I know anything else, I know that this little girl will blend right in. She won't be afraid to get her hands full of mud.

I visited with them twice to capture her cuteness. Once at home with just her Mommy and "little" big brother. Then again with the rest of the family.

She's the perfect addition to one of my favorite families in the whole world. Welcome sweet girl, we can't wait to watch you grow...but if it's all the same to you, please, take your time.


Barb, Bill and Rufus: Victor, NY Portraits

At the end of this session, I wanted to take Rufus home with me... he is so cute and sweet!

I don't think Barb and Bill would have allowed that though, and they are sweet as well, so I wouldn't dare. :)

Bill is a retired brain cancer survivor, and Barb works in engineering. They love having the Cobblestone golf course in their backyard! 

Of her ideal day, Barb says "A perfect Saturday would be sunny but not too hot.  It would begin by enjoying coffee out on the deck while watching early golfers.  We may head out to breakfast or maybe make omelets at home.  Perhaps we might take a drive down to the lake for a picnic lunch...several of our friends have boats and we always enjoy a day spent with friends out on the water!"

It was lovely to meet and spend some time with you all!

See you soon,

Ryan + Danielle: Statler City Wedding Photography

Everything about Danielle and Ryan's Buffalo wedding felt grand and beautiful- just as it was supposed to!  From the beautiful church ceremony to the classic, ballroom setting at Statler City.

I loved the way he looked at her as she came down the aisle, arm in arm with her Dad. And I loved how she beamed back at him as well. All day long, they laughed, kissed and loved with all that they have.

There was a gorgeous, romantic 1920's feeling about the day, and Ryan and Danielle were at the center of that beautiful romance. It was truly a day to remember always.

"There is all types of love in this world, but never the same love twice." (F. Scott Fitzgerald)

Danielle and Ryan, yours is a beautiful love, unlike any other. Congratulations!

~ Erin

The Vendors!
Hair & Makeup:
Kristi Inzinga & Allie Lodato
Flowers: Mary Rose, Essential Element Flowers
Ceremony: First Presbyterian
Reception: Statler City, Buffalo NY
Bakery: Muscoreil's
Videography & DJ: Soundwave
Transportation: S&S Limo