Senior Pictures, Victor NY Class of 2020: Meet Connor

He told me he was just a simple, casual guy. He loves his truck, chemistry, yard work and hunting.

Oh, and he’s also into woodworking and has a little shop in his basement. He was very modest about it, but I saw what he’s made— and don’t let Connor fool you, he is very talented!

It was a pleasure exploring Boughton Park with Connor for his senior portraits. We utilized the natural settings of water and trees but also found a broken down bridge that made a cool backdrop. Check ‘em out and say hi below!


In Between Portrait Membership: Tie Dye Night candid family portraits

Oh what a lovely, messy night we had! The threat of rain didn’t stop us from creating our new shirts with our member families. These candid family portrait moments are always different, each event changing with the season.

There are some events that are now traditions. Apple picking (which is coming up soon!) being one of them. But this was a new one for us. Tie dye is such a common “summer time with kids” activity, that it made sense to include it in this years lineup.

Big thanks to Dana Sharp (one of our awesome members) for leading the group and showing us all some tips and tricks in creating great tie dyed shirts for the whole family!

Curious as to what these “members” are that we’re always talking about? Check out our membership information, or come to our next event to find out more!

Elopements in Rochester NY: Michelle and Jarrod

In the presence of only their mothers, Michelle and Jarrod read their handwritten vows and committed their lives to each other. It was beautiful and heartfelt and real.

They met online, and quickly decided they were meant to be together. They enjoy live music and breweries, Jarrod even proposed by putting the ring on a flight at a brewery. They also enjoy spending time with their two dogs as well as their families.

Every time I visit the Edward Harris House B&B it feels like a home away from home. It’s always an honor to witness and capture small Rochester NY Weddings. So capturing them at this beautiful little B&B is always an added bonus. Congratulations Jarrod and Michelle, we wish you a lifetime of good beer and love!

~ Erin

Spring Family Pictures in Rochester NY

Does it feel like just yesterday it was spring? I mean…those flowering trees, right?

I miss those trees at Highland Park so much right now. That and the cooler spring days, now that summer is full on here with all of it’s humidity in tow. But that’s ok, because I have this adorable family’s portrait session in Rochester to remind me of spring and all it’s amazingness.

Playing guitar in the magnolias, running down the paths, flying in Daddy’s arms - all beautiful moments in the beautiful backdrop that Rochester NY has to offer.

Summer has some pretty gorgeous things to offer too, so if you’re looking to update your walls with family pictures - we’re here for you. Enjoy this glimpse into a gorgeous family portrait session at Highland Park!

Geneva NY Wedding Photography: Club 86 with Kelley and Paul

Nearly 30 years ago, Kelley’s parents married in the same town, same church and held their reception in the same wedding venue in Geneva NY. When Kelley and I spoke about their wedding, I could feel the sentiment in her voice when she mentioned it.

What an honor.

Kelley and Paul met in high school, and have been on the road to each other since. As a singer / songwriting team they’re working their tails off traveling between Nashville and Pittsburgh chasing their dreams.

It was a beautiful day for their Seneca Lake wedding. Between the heartfelt notes to each other before the ceremony, the sunshine and the lake breeze, and the venue filled with family and friends it was everything it could have been and more.

And at their own reception, Paul and Kelley performed one of their own songs. It was such a touching moment, personalizing their already amazing day to perfection.

Paul and Kelley - Thank you for opening up your hearts and being your amazing selves on your wedding day. It was truly beautiful to witness and be a part of with you. Congratulations!

~ Erin

The Vendor Team:
Wedding Planner: Em + E Events
Hair & Makeup: At Home Beauty, Lee Ann Boersma
Ceremony Venue: St. Francis de Sales Church
Florist: Sincropi Florist
Reception Venue: Club 86, Geneva NY
Cake & Bakery: Simple Sweets Bakery
DJ: DJ Dale
Videographer: Fyvie Films

Rochester NY Engagement Photography: Carol and Jeff, Turning Point Park

Carol and Jeff love to be outdoors, biking, hiking and being together at Ontario Beach Park at sunset. So it seemed like a no brainer to schedule their Rochester engagement session at the beach. But when we got there, we realized quickly that we would not be alone. Us, and the rest of Rochester had flocked to the beach for one of their most popular Concerts by the Shore on this particular summer night.

It was chaos, and we knew right away that this was not the idyllic sunset-y story we wanted to tell. Rather than fight the throngs of beach goers to make their engagement session happen on the beach we all decided to change the story and head down the road to Turning Point Park.

I am so glad that Carol and Jeff are expert level pivoters, and willing to go with the flow, because what we ended up capturing was pure magic at golden hour in Rochester. See what I mean?

Rochester NY Family Portrait Membership: Picnic at the Playground

Going to the playground with Lucas is one of my favorite things to do. It’s an everyday moment and a simple joy. But how often in these moments are we as parents thinking of everything else going on in our lives? Or maybe we’re so busy chasing one child around with our phone camera, that we didn’t see the other climbed the rock wall on his own for the first time? How often do you notice their giant candid smiles as they run or slide down the slide?

These moments, they’re what’s real. I cannot tell you how amazing it feels to capture these moments for our portrait members every single month. The family pictures they receive don’t have you chasing your kids with your camera. They show you on the slide with them.

Someday friends, these candid family pictures will be more priceless than you can imagine today. This single thought is what keeps us motivated to capture your family pictures in Rochester NY.

I look at the pictures below and I actually feel every smile. And I smile back. I hope you do as well.

~ Erin

PS - if you’re interested in finding out more about our portrait membership and our events, check this out:

Cobblestone Creek Country Club Wedding, Victor NY: Shelly and Dylan

Though they went to high school together, it wasn’t until they worked together that they officially met. Together for six years, and now married for a few weeks Shelly and Dylan say they’re home bodies and old souls, loving on their puppy and each other.

Their late spring wedding was perfection compared to the onslaught of rainy days Rochester NY has seen recently. Between the sunshine, the blue skies and the colors all around us, it was a beautiful day.

After the bridal party was dressed and ready to go, we headed out onto the golf course their sweet little first look, followed by bridal party photographs and finishing up just in time to get their ceremony underway.

They said “I do”, and headed into the cocktail hour and dinner. And then the fun really swung into high gear with a party on the dance floor like no other. Everyone seemed to be out there early, and stayed out there all night long. It was impressive and exactly what they were hoping for!

Congratulations Dylan and Shelly - thank you for letting us be a part of telling this chapter of your history!

~ Erin

Rochester Wedding Venue:
Cobblestone Creek Country Club
Bridal Gown: Bridal Belle
Florist: Arjuna Florist and Design
DJ: Whirlin’ Disc DJs
Wedding Cake: Savoia’s Pastry

Behind the Scenes of Our Fairport NY Headshots and Personal Branding Session

Yes, we are photographers, so you might be thinking, why didn’t you take your headshots and branding pictures yourselves? The main reason is that it’s pretty hard to get us both in photographs together. But there are other perks to hiring someone from outside your circle.

We choose to work with Sarah Heppell Photography out of Syracuse. Along the way, we discovered some unexpected benefits of working with Sarah and her team.

  1. Outside Perspective on our Business. As much as we love, and are good at, helping others create a plan for their business headshots and branding sessions, we struggled with planning our own. Even though we have a strong social media presence and regularly have new photos to post (granted, more of clients than of ourselves), we had trouble focusing in on what would help people connect to us. Going through this process helped draw that out of us in a way that hasn’t been done before.

  2. Efficiency. We think of great shots all the time, but shooting them one at a time would be an inefficient use of time. By brainstorming several locations and themes in advance, we captured them all in one day, and now have several months worth of content to share. It was more work upfront and requires planning, but worth it to have so much ready to go, especially during the busy summer season!

  3. Fresh eyes. We stare at the walls of our offices all day long, so it can be hard to see them in a new way. Fresh eyes from someone who hasn’t seen them, we knew Sarah would see things in a different way.

These are all the things we offer our clients, and Sarah was able to offer them to us. So pop on over to Instagram to see how we are using these photos, and if it gets your idea factory running, give us a call or check out how we can do the same for you!

Highland Park Spring Engagement Session: Rochester NY

Eric and Holly are the kind of couple that believes in love at first sight.They share a love of board games, sleeping in and library dates. They’re constantly finding ways to show each other how much they love each other - even by getting engaged to each other twice!

The first time was at Colgate Divinity School, nearby Highland Park. And the other time, she proposed to HIM at the Lilac Festival at Highland Park in Rochester NY. So it was clear to us that being among the lilacs (yay for us) was super important to them as we planned their engagement session.

They fully admit that they’re still in puppy love after five years together. Not going to lie, this made our job a piece of cake. Thank you Holly and Eric for such a fun night together!

Vineyard Wedding Venues Series, Finger Lakes NY: Ventosa Vineyards

There’s no way we could do a Finger Lakes Wedding Venue Series justice without including one of our top favorites - Ventosa Vineyards on Seneca Lake. It honestly feels like a second home to us during wedding season. We love it so much.

RJ and the entire Ventosa Vineyards team are amazing, and they treat every single wedding as if it were one of their own. Every person, from guest to wedding vendor gets treated like family.

Their separate spaces for the wedding ceremony overlook Seneca Lake and the vineyards. Their covered patio is perfect for a rainy day or watching the sunset. And La Vista e Bella Ballroom is their grand gorgeous ballroom, elegant yet inviting.

And as photographers, we can honestly say there is a beautiful backdrop in any direction at Ventosa. Bridal parties have access to the entirety of the grounds for gorgeous backdrops as well as candid wedding photography.

We’ve had the pleasure of photographing weddings at Ventosa in nearly every season of the year, and each and every one is spectacular. So if you are hunting for large, all inclusive wedding venues in the Rochester NY area and the Finger Lakes - you definitely want to stop by Ventosa Vineyards.

Ellison Park Rochester NY Engagement Session: Jessica and Keaton

This spring has been a game of dodging rain drops on the daily. It’s caused us more than a few rescheduled portrait and engagement sessions. So when their night came, and it wasn’t raining for just a few hours - we took advantage of it. It was cold (think winter engagement sessions in Rochester type cold), but Jessica and Keaton weren’t going to let that stop them.

They laughed through their shivering and went with every idea we gave them. As the daylight faded into night, we created beauty out of what could have been dreary Friday night. Thank you Jessica and Keaton for the laughs, the fun and trusting us to capture your relationship.

~ Erin