Earth Day, Earth Month, Earth Always

walking along the erie canal

I have always loved animals, nature, and being outside.

Being a photographer, I get to incorporate that passion into a vast majority of our sessions. Turns out I'm not the only one who likes to be outside!

Since I started helping people treasure their lives through photography, I've realized a lot of those moments take place in the great outdoors. The people I have met along the way have brought me to parks, trails, and favorite vacation spots I hadn’t seen before. I often return to them after the session, to explore with my husband and dogs.

I am so incredibly grateful for these opportunities. I get to work under the clouds and trees. I get to see kids enjoying the paths and ponds, mud and bugs all around us.

So it's natural to me to want to protect what I love, and where I work. 

 Our family loves to be outdoors and explore!

Our family loves to be outdoors and explore!

With a global population expected to reach 9 billion by 2050, demand may surpass nature’s ability to provide, unless conservation measures are put into place today.
— Rick Crawford, Emerger Strategies |

I'd like to invite you, this Earth Day and every day, to think about your impact on our planet. Are you helping it or are you hurting it?

If you'd like a place to start, check out some of the small steps below. It wasn't all at once, but I have been building toward a more sustainable life one step at a time. Individually, perhaps is no big deal. But all together, it adds up.

  • Growing your own vegetables (our grocery bill appreciates this!)
  • Water your garden with rain water collected by a rain barrel
  • Start composting (Pretty darn easy, ask me for tips if you’re wondering!)
  • Join the NRDC, The Sierra Club, The Arbor Day Foundation, or another nature oriented cause (free address labels, if nothing else 😜)
  • Become a member of Eco System Restoration Camps (I find this start up lends me optimism when I feel despair)
  • Attend local events, such as those by the Rochester People's Climate Coalition
  • Reduce the amount of beef consumption and add more vegetarian meals to your menu (we’re certainly not vegan, but it’s something)
  • Reduce your use of cleaning solutions where soap and water will do (we're partial to Norwex for cleaning with just water).
 I swear food tastes better when you grow it yourself

I swear food tastes better when you grow it yourself

Get Involved

Need some encouragement? Have questions? Leave a comment. I would be honored to be your support system along the way!

Have a great tip to share? Let us see it in the comments!

We’d love to hear what you do in your home or community to make the earth a little greener. We’re all in this together.


nature scenes

Cobblestone Living Portraits: Mike, Heidi, & Jack

I met them at their brand new home - so brand new, that they'd just signed the paperwork as I arrived to photograph them! It made finding areas to shoot within their home pretty easy without furniture to fight with lighting!

These three are adorable. Especially Jack, Heidi and Mike's "almost" 1 year old. Whether out for a walk, or enjoying a drink together on the patio, they love to be together as a family - whether breakfast, lunch or dinner.

Honestly, at this stage in their family life, that's what it's all about. They don't want to miss these moments together as a family of three. With cuteness like this, I can't say that I blame them.

Together is their favorite place to be - and I'm loving it.


Travel Theme Wedding Details: Finger Lakes Wedding Photography

Last year we photographed some pretty awesome weddings. After going through some of our favorites, I noticed something pretty interesting. Many of our couples have a love for travel.

Coincidentally, so do we. Swapping travel stories is actually one of Lori's favorite things to do. So our conversations with our couples roll pretty easily about all of the different places we've been to or want to visit in the future.

Even better though has been all of the ways our brides and grooms incorporated their wanderlust into their wedding.

We've seen world maps and globes used as guest books. We've seen favorite Finger Lakes vacation spots used elegantly as table numbers. Vintage vacation photos adorned dining tables. We've even photographed a garter complete with a compass decoration.

I think the moral of the story is - if you want to go places with your wedding day there are so many ways you can do it!

Safe Travels!

~ Erin

April Member Event: Pajama Dance Party

On any given night, it's possible you'll find me in my pajama pants by 7:00 pm. I like to be comfortable - as most parents of kids with early bedtimes do. But on sooooo many occasions, between 5 and 7 pm is when three year old is at his CRAZIEST. So to give his energy an outlet, we turn on the radio and dance.

When we planned last weekend's membership event, it had my name ALL over it. Working together with Spotlight Theatre Arts, in Fairport NY, we created an event for our members that allowed us to both wear our PJ's and play.

And it was so much fun! We played games, we danced and we did it all with our family.

We create these events for you to get involved with your children. We hope you will allow yourself to be silly, and let us capture it for you. If you're interested in learning more about our membership - join us at our next event on May 16th at Abraham Lincoln Park, or get in touch!

~ Erin

PS - Give a BIG thank you to John and Spotlight Theatre Arts when you see them next!!

Flowers and Rings: Wedding Inspiration in Rochester NY

Let's talk about a few more details. Both the bright and bold and the small and sparkly. Your flowers and rings.

First we'll talk flowers. From what we've seen, there's no wrong way to brighten your wedding with flowers (real or fake). We've seen some amazing work from our local florists and even some very creative DIY from brides themselves. I love how many different ways you can create a bouquet, boutonniere or centerpiece. Some of our favorite floral vendors are shown below, including In Bloom, Rockcastle and Stacy K Floral. Check them out some of our favorites from 2017!

And then there's your rings they're the symbol of commitment, and traditional element that binds you together. The best part about photographing your rings is always trying to incorporate a little piece of you or the day into the image. For example, raindrops on garden flowers on a rainy wedding day, or between the ropes used as boating decor from a wedding day on the Erie Canal. Setting them up somewhere unique, (maybe using an elegant reflection) is a fun part of our job.

Whatever style you choose, whatever colors suit you - the most important factor in all of this is you. Be yourself, choose your style because you love it, not because it's what's the latest craze.

We can't wait to see what you come up with!
~ Erin


Husband and Wife Portrait in Allens Creek, Rochester NY

Wow, have these two got the story you just won't believe. Within days of showing me their home filled with stunning art and MacKenzie-Child's influences, their home was sold. It was never even meant to be on the market!

Susan admitted they hadn't really given thought to moving. But there was an interested buyer, the families met and instantly hit it off, and then suddenly they sold their home. Susan and Michael will be moving, and starting a new life down south. If that's not taking a cue from the universe and rolling with it, I don't know what is!

So what started as portraits of the couple in their home, quickly became a treasured memento for them to take with them. They'll use them to remember the many years of happy memories they made here.

Susan and Michael - it was a pleasure working with you both. I wish you much happiness in your new endeavors!


Wedding Cakes and Sweets: Rochester NY Wedding Photography

Let them eat cake!

Or cookies, fruit covered tarts, donuts, pie, or s'mores. When it comes to wedding cakes in Rochester NY - there are no rules when it comes to personalizing your wedding day sweets with your sweet.

It's oh, soooo delicious. Personally, I think doing cake / dessert tastings is one of the best parts of wedding planning. Taste ALL the cake!

Obviously we have a sweet tooth or we wouldn't have written a whole blog post devoted to wedding cake ideas. So if you're in planning mode, and need some wedding inspiration - check out some of the fun options we've photographed in the last year.

Now if you'll excuse me, I think it's time for dessert.

~ Erin

Family Portrait Membership Goes Egg Hunting

Three minutes of egg searching craziness. That's how long an egg hunt takes a child.

It takes at least two of those minutes to find and set your phone, then another minute to catch up to your child and attempt to snap a photo of them trying to carry eight eggs in two hands. By that time, you might have missed the moment.

Being present is something we all struggle with, right? You want to enjoy, but you also don't want to forget their smiling faces in this moment. I am that mom, every day.

This is the reason we created this membership. So you can be there, enjoying "right now." Because we're taking care of the rest.

Catch up with us and the fun of the egg hunt event below! Then join us on April 6th to find out how you can start enjoying "right now" with us.

~ Erin

Announcing: Mental Pictures! New Product Offering

We all know that prints fade and hard drives get corrupted. But what type of photography never fails?

Mental pictures.


Lori and Erin Photography is proud to introduce a new product line completely void of any physical manifestation.

Mental pictures!

Don't let the limitations of your wall space or cloud storage stop you from reliving life's greatest moments. Close your eyes and relive that memory in vivid 3D, imax, technicolor with unlimited pixels!

How is this possible you ask?

When you don't have to worry about fixing an image physically, anything is possible! Literally, anything! We'll help you dream up the most incredible experience of your life, and bring it into the sharpest possible focus, all in your mind.

Always wanted to see the Earth from the moon? We'll make it happen.

Always wanted to swim with sharks, but afraid of sharks? We guarantee they won't bite!

Always dreamed of the view from atop Everest, but think the couch is just so darn comfy? We'll take you there!


Sample Mental Picture

Surgeon Generals Warning: Mental pictures may only be viewed by the person they were created for. Others may experience a blur or dizzying effect.

What you get

With multiple, thorough planning sessions, we will get to understand your deepest desires. You tell us exactly what you want to see, and we will tell it right back to you.

By channeling our endless creativity, and exactly what you have told us, we will create the most vivid mental picture you've never seen!

We'll deliver the image to your brain through our soon-to-be-patented process of BWT*, or Brain Wave Transference. 

*Ask your doctor if you are healthy enough for BWT.**

**As this is a soon-to-be patented system, you may not tell your doctor until after you have placed your non-refundable deposit.

People who love mental pictures

Source: Second hand mental picture. Data may not be reliable.


How much is it? Mental pictures take time and skill to perfect. While there is no expensive equipment involved, it has taken many minutes to develop the skills and process you see listed here. Therefore, we are pleased to offer this breakthrough product for seven easy payments of $995.

How do I share my mental picture? Since all brains are inherently unique, we are only able to produce one pristine mental picture at a time. Sharing will result in the degradation of the experience. You may attempt to describe your mental photo to another, but doing so may result in self-destruction. We are not liable if your brain explodes.

How far out are you booking? Mental pictures are a labor intensive process. We recommend booking as soon as possible, or last week.

Is this for real? All I can say is, well, it isn't not an April fools joke...

Be the first to own your very own Mental Picture!

Then, tell your friends, so they too can be on the ground floor of this revolutionary, game changing, no, LIFE changing, new product!

Copyright 2018 Lori and Erin Photography

New York City Heirloom Album

What do you do with all of the iphone photographs you have stored away? Have you ever done anything with them? What would you do with them if they were photographs of your wedding day, in Central Park, in New York City?

Those big and little moments captured with your favorite people are most often captured on your phone. After all, it's your go to camera, right? We are professionals, but we believe that all photos deserve to be printed.

Thankfully, Andy and Elizabeth did too. So they came to us with their own photographs (taken by both phone and DSLR) from their wedding day in New York City and asked us to design them an heirloom.

So we helped them curate their story and design an album from our Artisan album series. The resulting book is both beautiful and stylish, a perfect match Andy and Elizabeth's personalities.

Do you have a story of your relationships that only lives on your phone or on social media? Just ask - we can help bring it to life.

~ Erin

One Bride's Favorites: Finger Lakes NY Wedding

Today's post comes to us from Cailee, one of our amazing 2017 brides. Her spring wedding day at Ventosa Vineyards made our hearts so full. We asked if she would mind sharing some advice and a favorite moment of the day - and here's what she shared with us.

My favorite moment of the entire day was when James and I shared our “love” letters with each other (during the ceremony). It was such a personal moment for the two of us, and it felt like it was just the two of us standing on that vineyard, instead of in front of 175 people. Seeing the pictures of us both crying (him more so than I) brings back a flood of emotions.

I remember looking at him and thinking "This is the moment that I am going to want to carry with me forever – the one where he is speaking straight from the heart, in front of everyone we know, speaking his love and truth for me." It was the most profound moment, and one that was captured beautifully through your pictures.

My piece of advice for new brides/grooms would be the following:
I know EVERYONE says it, and I honestly didn’t believe it until after our wedding day but…the day ABSOLUTELY FLIES BY. You HAVE to take a few moments just the two of you to be able to really soak in the moments.

You will be pulled in twelve different directions, at all times by friends and family wanting to congratulate you (you might not even be able to eat!), listening intently to speeches, doing your first dance(s), cutting the cake, and then grooving all night long…but do not forget to take a few moments alone to step back and look at the beauty of that day. You both did an amazing job of that, specifically when you pulled us outside of our venue and had us dance in the dark. At first I was confused, thinking “Why are we doing this when we can be inside partying!”

But the second we had a moment alone, it was so nice to breathe, get some perspective, and remember why we were really “partying”… because of our love, and our marriage. It was such a sweet, almost serene moment, to be alone and think about the day, but more important cherish exactly where we were in that moment in time. And it was a chance t0 get excited about our honeymoon!

Thanks Cailee for reliving a little of your day with everyone! :)

~ Erin

Being Real: Rochester NY Photographers

Last week, we spent four days at the Inspire Photo Retreat in Connecticut, taking classes to further our education in photography and business. 

I could tell you about all of the things we learned to bring our clients better images. But I'm not going to. Let's be honest, that's not what is most important to either of us.

What we found this week cannot be measured in better images.

So what did we find? Friendships. Mentors. Encouragement. Ourselves.

We talked it out for hours. We laughed, we danced, and we connected to each other and made new friends. We even ugly cried – daily.

The most important thing we found was a renewed sense of purpose. We needed others to hold the mirror up to us, get us to dig deep and be vulnerable. Because how can we ask this of you, if we cannot do it ourselves?

We were reminded of our "why", and why it's so important to share our real selves with you. Even with the massive list of "to-do's" we brought home, I'm so grateful for this experience. Even the ugly tears. 

 Helping you cherish those relationships that matter most to you, will always remain goal number one. We have a lot of work to do, but we're refreshed and ready to make it happen.

~ Erin