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We've been the Bride, we've been the bridesmaids, and we've also been the wedding planners. On top of that...we're in the market to make great wedding photographs for you. It's our goal to give you a great experience and awesome images. That being said, there are a few things you can do to get some great images from your big day. So we've compiled a few tips that might give you some things to think about as you plan your day! Happy planning to all of the Brides and Grooms to be!  :)

1) Consider doing a first look on the day of your wedding. We've talked all about them before. They're perfect for getting all of those important photographs done in advance, while you look your best! Check out our thoughts on them here: A First Look Session

First Look, Rochester Wedding PhotographyFirst Look Wedding Photography

2) Do an engagement session. It's a great chance to practice being in front of the camera! You'll get comfortable in front of the camera, on your own terms, doing something fun together with your fiancee! Knowing how your photographers will work with you will make your actual wedding day so much smoother, and your photographs will reflect that. Besides that, it's a lot of fun!

Rochester NY Engagement PhotographyRochester NY Engagement Photography

3) Communicate and plan. We make it a point, to go over the timeline of your day with you. We want to make sure there's enough time for all of the important details of your day. We'll tell you if you have enough time planned for photography. It's so important that you and your photographers are on the same page all day! From working with you on your list of family photographs, to planning driving time in between locations. There's so many things that a Bride and Groom can overlook in their planning.

By planning properly with us, we'll make sure that your day is as stress free as possible because we already know what to expect! Thus, you'll be able to enjoy that time in front of the camera so much more! Bristol Harbour Wedding Photography, Canandaigua NY Wedding

4) Don't rely on a pinterest "shot list." We love Pinterest for gathering ideas. It's a great place to share and learn, and to design your flowers and wedding color scheme. But when it comes to specific photographs you want taken, don't rely on it completely! It's perfectly ok to share your ideas, but it's less ok to expect that exact same photograph you found on Pinterest. You are hiring photographers based on their style, and their unique vision for your day. And while I'm on that note, be sure you know what your photographer's style is! Cake Cutting Rochester ny Wedding PhotographyWingate Barn Wedding Photography

5) Trust us.  If your photographers come to you with what you think is a crazy idea - trust them! Sometimes the craziest ideas create amazing artwork for your walls. Again, you hired them for a reason...let go, trust them, and just have fun with the whole experience!Chapel Hill Wedding Photography