A Client Album, Aimee & Evan : Pittsford NY Wedding Photographers

album cover

Our first album of the year came in recently... and I'm soooo loving it. We pre-designed this 9x14 Signature Wedding Album for Aimee and Evan. In our experience with books and client albums, we've learned that most of the time, your favorite images, are also our favorite images. Therefore, having us pre-design your album saves you the time and confusion of narrowing your photographs down to a certain number.

The metal cameo on this silver and navy album is super sleek and beautiful. The layout and design inside tells the beautiful story of their day.

From design to delivery it's a beautiful heirloom to be able to enjoy, now - and fifty years from now.

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Here's the whole album layout: clean and timeless. Enjoy!

Let's get your signature wedding album started, shall we?