A Senior Session on the Ice: Fairport NY High School

We love it when our senior sessions present a unique opportunity. Luke not only gave us a unique opportunity, but he also gave us a fun challenge. He's a goalie for the Fairport Hockey team. So after we did some of his senior portraits at home, we headed over to Thomas Creek Ice Arena. He suited up, while we lit up the ice rink...very carefully. It definitely fun to try some new things and get some different looks than usual!

And, we even managed to stay upright on the ice the whole time. I think that almost qualifies us for the Stanley Cup...right?

Enjoy these fun images! ~ Erin 2014-08-12_0004.jpg 2014-08-12_0005.jpg 2014-08-12_0003.jpg 2014-08-12_0002.jpg 2014-08-12_0001.jpg