A Wedding and Family Portrait Combo: Fairport NY

Andrea and Kevin recently got married in Georgia. Unfortunately, her grandparents here in Fairport were unable to make the trip South for the big day. So, what do you do when you really want those portraits with your grandparents?

Obviously, we couldn't recreate their wedding day for them. But no one says you can't get back into your wedding dress (hooray for wearing it twice!) and take some portraits with the loved ones who weren't there.

We're thrilled that Andrea had the foresight to know she would want these images, and honored that she came back to us to have them captured.

We even had time for a family tradition of making pizzelles together. (Yum!) We love these candid moments, together as a family. We're so lucky to have families like Andrea and Kevin's in our lives that also cherish them as well.

~ Lori

Lori Coleman

Lori and Erin Photography