Adorable family of four : Highland Park Family Portraits

6 years and two children later, this beautiful family holds a special place in my heart. To this day, I still have the thank you card on my bulletin board that they wrote to me after their wedding. I've kept it all of these years as a reminder of when I was just starting out. It's great couples like Dana and Michel that helped me grow. Their trust and continued support truly means the world to me as we continue to grow. I'm so incredibly thankful for them. On top of that, they make adorable children and are so much fun to work with. We picked the perfect afternoon to play in the park together. Check out their cuteness - I just love all of their faces and can't wait to see them again! ~ Erin 2014-07-22_0001.jpg 2014-07-22_0003.jpg 2014-07-22_0004.jpg 2014-07-22_0002.jpg 2014-07-22_0005.jpg