At home family portraits | Victor NY

Where's your happy place? Is it the park near your house? The beach? Or your own backyard? Close your eyes and picture that space, and how it makes you feel.

Now, if that's where you're most comfortable, and most you - why not create your family photos in your happy place?

If that's your backyard, let's do it! Much like this family enjoys hanging out by the pool and relaxing at home. If you look out your window and it makes you smile, then it's a perfect spot for your portrait session.

Besides that - we love shooting in unique spaces like these, and since every home is different, they're all unique! We also love to be able to tell the story of who you are at home, just like this family! 

Oh and by the way - check out these amazing arrangements designed by the talented Stacy K Floral! They're so pretty, love them!

~ Lori

Lori Coleman

Lori and Erin Photography