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During your baby's first year, it is so exciting to witness all of the changes taking place. What better way to remember and celebrate those little milestones than with a first year photography plan? We are excited to announce that we have completely revamped our first year plan to be customizable for your exact needs. Unlike other photographer's plans, we have no minimum orders. We have a guideline as to what months we suggest capturing, and will work with your desires and budget to come up with the best program for you. We offer unique ways to display your portraits, including albums, storyboards, and wall clusters in addition to custom designed birth announcements.

A typical first year plan includes a newborn and 12 month session, and then 1 or more sessions in between. Maternity sessions are an optional but fun way to celebrate your remarkable changing body. As with all of our sessions, we come to you or meet at your favorite spot. The newborn session is always easiest in your home, so you don't have to travel, and all outfits and necessities are close at hand.

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Fun things to capture in the first year

Every baby grows and develops at their own pace, but these are some general guidelines we have found to be good estimates for each stage of development.

Maternity : We try to schedule this session about 1-2 months before you are due. This way you are showing, but hopefully still able to move around comfortably.

4-10 days : This is the tiniest your baby will ever be! At the newborn session, we capture the tiny details and nursery. Lots of sleeping shots are also common.

3-4 months : Your baby is starting to hold their head up and make faces! This is what we aim to capture at this age.

6 months : Your baby may be sitting up, or close to it. So it’s a whole new ball game as to what we can capture. Have favorite stuffed friends and toys nearby.

8-9 months : Now we add motion! Your little one may be crawling or scooting toward their favorite things.

12 months : Still little munchkins, but no longer a newborn! They’re standing with or without assistance, and close to walking. They are also very interactive and playful. Bring lots of toys!

Beyond the first year: We recommend a family portrait at least once per year after this point. As their personalities come out and change, don’t forget to celebrate those moments as well!

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If you are pregnant, or know someone who is (we offer gift certificates!) contact us today for more information on this awesome opportunity!

Don't need 600 onesies, but love photos? We also offer registry cards you can put in your shower invitations!

Talk to you soon, Lori