Backyard Family Portraits: Brighton, Rochester, NY

I didn't panic when mom warned me that her kids might be a little shy. That's not unusual for us, so I thought, 'okay, let's play first.'

And we did. We went to the backyard and played on the swing set.

It was the first nice day after nearly two weeks of May showers – it was so nice to be in the sun. The kids felt it, I felt it, even Daizy their English bulldog felt it! 

Part of the memory behind a particular photograph is actually having fun when it was being taken, and not just how you looked on a certain day. I hope this family, and every family we've photographed, enjoys thinking back about the fun day we spent together. The pictures are a vehicle back in time to those memories. 

And this memory? It was a beautiful spring day in the backyard. The kids played together and everyone was happy. What more can you ask for?

Enjoy, and hope to see you again soon!

Lori Coleman

The daughter of filmmakers, Lori may have been predestined for a life in the creative world. She met her husband, John, while studying photography at RIT. When not creating heirlooms for her friends, family, and clients, she can usually be found in the woods or on a yoga mat. Either way, her dogs Molley and Mouse are never far away.