Betty: Portraits of a strong woman

colorful portrait

Betty is such a wonderful woman. I have known her for about three years, and she has always been such a positive, upbeat and selfless person. She has recently been going through some tough times, but this session was about looking up and moving forward. We kept the colors bright and cheerful like her personality and had some fun just laughing and being together. After the session, Betty sent me a message saying, "After seeing all the comments and likes on the photo it occurred to me that with that photo you made all my friends that were concerned about me realize that I'm going to be ok. That is truly a gift Lori." It's notes like that which keep me going in this field!

I'm so glad to know this incredible woman and be able to share in life's amazing moments. Say hi to Betty!


blog_0003.jpgThanks for following and celebrating life with us through photos! Lori