beyond the wedding day: traditions of a wedding photographer

Every wedding is unique, we believe that whole-heartedly. Each couple, has something special about them, that makes their wedding unlike every other wedding we've photographed before. But, even with all of their differences, many weddings have the same timeline and similar traditions. Whether it be a unity candle, or a sand ceremony.  A cake cutting, or an apple crisp.  So, in keeping with this idea, I decided to share a few wedding "traditions" of my own.

My wedding day rituals: The Day Before: I run through a checklist of things I need to bring. I have to make sure to pack extra socks and shoes, flip flops (obviously, for the ride home), deodorent, body spray, chapstick, granola bars and water for refueling between locations. Oh, and all of our cameras, lights and lenses too.

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The Day of  the Wedding: I don't get out of my pajamas until absolutely necessary. I'd say this is just because I don't want to dirty my work clothes, but that'd be a lie. I just prefer to do as little as possible in the hours leading up to a wedding. It's relaxing to sit back and read, or watch a movie before the wedding day rush begins.

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During a wedding day: I always, every time, end up on the ground trying to get a fun angle. I've even had couples mention it who have been to other weddings we've photographed. According to them, it's not a true "Lori & Erin" experience until I end up on the ground. At the reception, first dances will always make me sing along. I may have heard the song at the last 10 weddings, but I'll still sing it. And also, when the dance floor heats up, Lori and I often want to dance too. Now, I didn't say dance well – so if you want a good laugh, watch for us next time.

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rochester ny wedding photographers

Finally, one of my favorite wedding weekend traditions happens the day after every wedding. Again, pajamas are mandatory, and so is breakfast out. After crawling out of bed, my husband and I head to the diner, usually Jim's Restaurant, where I order the same breakfast, every time. Two eggs scrambled, 2 pancakes, and 2 strips of bacon with coffee...lots and lots of coffee.

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What traditions are important to you? Let's hear them!