Book Making: Ireland 2011

Hi there, it's Lori. You might not know this, but I love making books. I'm not a scrapbooker; I create my books digitally. I like using size and placement of images to tell a story rather than cheesy templates and backgrounds. They usually have a theme, which for me, is often about my travels. My favorite books are based on trips we've taken, but I do also love my wedding album!

This post is about one book in particular. This book was unique because I was not the sole designer, nor the sole photographer. You guessed it, it was a collaboration, with that Erin girl you may have heard of.

finished book covercover inset image

Crossing an Ocean

A little over two years ago (oh my, has it really been two years?), John and I decided we wanted to go to Ireland. He is Irish, so it didn't take much convincing. I just love to travel-- I'll pretty much go anywhere. We asked a few friends if anyone wanted to join us, and only one couple was crazy enough to say yes. Erin and her hubs Matt joined in on the planning and we made it the trip of a lifetime. Ten days, a rental car, B&B's, sea, sheep, Guinness, cheese, biking, hiking, driving, Guinness, windmills, picnics, and a little more Guiness... yup that about sums it up :)

Each morning, we grabbed some lenses and tried not to overlap. We shared a tripod, camera bags and batteries and made sure to take photos of each other. It was great having a photographer to capture our vacation! We even made it a goal to take one group shot every day. We ended up with thousands of memories captured between the two of us.

Our trip was in May, at the beginning of busy season. When we came back, we dove straight into work and barely got a chance to glance at our photos. It wasn't until the following winter when we really got started on our book. Erin may have learned a bit about me in the book making process, starting with when I created the layout grid in InDesign. I invited her to help create it, so we each picked our favorite photos from the trip, and combined them into chronological order. We would take turns adding pages, editing photos, and typing in our notes. It took a couple of months to create the book, but it was so worth it.

By the Numbers

11x14 inches * 72 Pages * 224 photos featured of 2500+ photos taken

Only two books were created, which were custom printed and bound by Booksmart Studio here in Rochester. Because of the page count, not many labs could handle our book, and I was just not willing to sacrifice quality or photos! Eric at Booksmart helped us pick the perfect cover and paper materials, and even did a tip in cover to feature one of our favorite images. It's simple, timeless, and has spent the last year sitting on my coffee table. It is great to pick up and relive the trip, and I also enjoy sharing it with guests. We've even had people tell us it looks like it should be in stores!

Here is a little taste of what's inside. Bon voyage!

ireland book spreadireland book Guinness storehouseireland book sceneryireland panoramicireland scenes

ireland rock of cashel

If you'd like to see the whole book, feel free to check it out at your next appointment! We're happy to show you this or any of our other custom made books. I've also got a cross country trip one, my dogs, croatia, my wedding, oh and several family and wedding album samples too. Have any questions about books? Leave 'em in the comments and I'll get back to you!