Bride's Choice: Kate & Bert, playing in the rain

It's an honor for us to witness these moments in your lives, and to provide you with the beautiful images we saw. But we don't always get to know which of them are your favorites - unless we ask. So, we did. And we want to share them with you. 

S0 a little about Kate and Bert's wedding day. It was a rainy, but gorgeous wedding at the Hyatt Regency in Downtown Rochester. So, we played in the rain! It was part of their day, so why not take the time to at least try and enjoy it, right?

In Kate's own words:
We had been debating all day about whether or not to go out in the rain to take pictures. Every time we thought it'd be the perfect time to go out, it started raining even harder! I had so desperately wanted to do outdoor pictures for our wedding, but that opportunity seemed to keep slipping away. After the ceremony was done, we just decided to go for it! It turned out to be one of my favorite moments of that day. The early fall air felt amazing and it was so fun to get out in the pouring rain! 

She also gave us a little bit of planning advice for any brides to be:
Don't sweat the small things during planning! Pick a few areas that are most important to the groom and let him get involved in those areas. Lastly, it's no lie that your wedding day will go by in a flash! Take in each moment of the day and enjoy being surrounded by those that you love the most.

Thank you Kate for not only being a beautiful bride, thank you for being willing to play in the rain, and above all else thank you for being an amazing person!

~ Erin

Who knew Kate and Bert's favorite images would come from the rainy streets of Rochester!

Who knew Kate and Bert's favorite images would come from the rainy streets of Rochester!

Erin Perrotta

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