Business Branding Photography in Rochester NY With 585 Dentist

Meet the friendly women of 585 Dentist! We wanted to show how welcoming their office is, and make clients feel at home. So rather than the usual, formal headshots, we created environmental portraits in their own space. No boring, fake backdrops necessary. We even got outside to take advantage of the fall foliage!

If you need a brand image refresh for your business, give us a call and let’s make something to feature your business here next!

Kurt : Fun, Emotive Personal Branding Shots in Fairport, NY

Like son, like father, that's what they say, right? If Kurt looks familiar, it may be because his son was just featured on our blog a few weeks ago.

Also a voice actor, Kurt was due to update his look. He brought a different microphone to play with (a Fentone, vintage RCA look alike) and several outfits from casual to semi-formal. We played off of those options to create a variety of looks - from fun and silly to a more "traditional" head shot. However...

What's really neat about being in business these days, is that no longer is "boring-headshot-in-front-of-boring-background" the norm. Today's customers want to know the person behind the product (our voice in this case) so we really get to showcase our clients' personalities.

Kurt very easily switched from selling cars and mattresses to telling stand up jokes against the classic brick wall. He's a great guy, so if you're in the market for some voiceover work, you should check out his team at The Write Creative.


Kiefer: Voice Over Actor Head Shots

Meet Kiefer. He has been a voice actor since he was a child, thanks to his father who is also in the industry. In recent years, you may have even seen him on one of Rochester's many stages. After growing a mustache to play Albert Einstein last month, he was excited to shave it off and get in front of the camera.

We hit the studio to update his headshots and had a ton of fun! He brought his trusty mic and we made a variety of images. From action shots to the guy next door to the guy next door staring on a reality TV show with his friend "Mic". 

If you can't tell, there was a lot of laughing during this session. 

Kiefer, it was my pleasure. Can't wait to see what you do next!

Documenting a Campaign: Rochester NY Photography

Most of the time, when we pick up our camera to shoot, it's to capture relationships, whether at a family session or wedding (which is how we first met the Wilt Family). We don't often dabble in current events and politics.

However, we were recently retained to provide headshots and some documentary style photography for Robin Wilt. She is one of the recently announced candidates running for New York's 25th Congressional District, which was formerly Louise Slaughter's position.

Robin Wilt goes from Brighton Town Council to Congress hopeful

Robin Wilt goes from Brighton Town Council to Congress hopeful

Documentary photography is fast moving - you have to get the shot quickly. Often with this type of work, the client is really only in need of that ONE photo that shows the necessary story.

This is different from a family portrait session, where the whole set of images tells a family's story.

Documentary work keeps us on our toes, and actually helps us react faster to catch the perfect moment at our weddings and portrait sessions. So while these events were not the norm for us, it was interesting to do something different.

~ Erin

Retirement looks good on you! Headshots in Fairport NY

First, I'd like to say congratulations to Judge Bender on his retirement!

We were asked to create a portrait that could hang in the courthouse with the other past judges of Seneca County. This will be the first one in color, and we were honored to be the photographers to create it.

It was a pleasure photographing the judge, and as always, there is always a bit of laughter involved in our sessions! Though that didn't fit to hang on the courtroom wall, I do love it as a portrait.

Below is the final version, as well as a few other shots I enjoyed from the session.

Enjoy your retirement!

Spotlight on Local Artisans: Firehouse Wood Works, Fairport NY

I never knew the building on Main Street as a firehouse. It was a food pantry when I moved to Fairport. But when Paul and Carolyn moved into it, they converted the space to house their woodworking business. What started as a hobby, became a passion that they now happily share with others.

Paul works with reclaimed wood, scraps and random pieces given to them. Carolyn takes extra tiles leftover from job sites, and other found materials to create her art. Together, they have created tables, decor and so much more. She can create something by request, working with your choice of colors, materials or theme. 

I have loved getting to know this wonderful, easy going couple through the course of creating some images to launch their website. The store has been open since June, and the website should be launching very soon.

Especially as Small Business Saturday approaches, we're grateful to work with local artists like these two. We hope you'll think about stopping by a local merchant as you carefully select your holiday gifts. In doing so, you know that each gift you give was thoughtfully and lovingly made - versus a quick trip to your local big box store.

If you like quality, handmade pieces of art, stop down and get to know these artisans! Their work is sure to impress you, and if nothing else you can enjoy all of the firehouse relics they have accumulated to decorate the space!

Enjoy this sneak peek into the shop, and feel free to say hello and welcome, either in the comments, or in person at 113 N Main St, Fairport!


Artist in Residence: Rochester NY Portraits

I stepped into their home, and was instantly struck by beauty all around me. Renee Mendler is an accomplished artist here in Rochester. If you haven't yet heard of her - a) you have now and b) you should really check out her work.

When she's not spending time with her two kids, Renee creates stunning pieces in her home studio. She is inspired by the world around her as a contemporary abstract artist. She paints on various media - everything from canvas to tiles for coffee tables.

To see more of Renee's work visit her website at: or visit her work in person at Whitman Works Co. in Penfield NY or at Nosh Restaurant in downtown Rochester.

Spotlight on a Local Business: Eastside Fence Inc

Erin and I love to support other local, small businesses like ours. We are active members of the FPMA, but more than that, we put our money where our mouth is and shop local as often as we can! 

We recently completed a rather large home improvement project... replacing our aging and damaged fence. After asking around for referrals, a common name kept surfacing: Eastside Fence, based right here in Fairport. In fact, owner Bob Coyle and his wife live less than 2 miles away. It doesn't get more local than that!

While they were here, I documented the process before, during and after. If you are looking for a quality fence from friendly contractors, I highly recommend Bob and Eastside Fence Inc. Thank you to the whole crew who did such a nice job!


Environmental Business Portraits: Rochester NY Photographers

Commercial portraiture isn't something we do every day, but we get the opportunity every once in awhile. When we do, It's fun to come up with different ideas for businesses like S&T Bank to use in their marketing materials.

We've visited this office on a few occasions now to work on different portrait options. This time, they wanted to incorporate the atmosphere of their downtown office location. With great exposed brick walls to use, their downtown Rochester location provided the right atmosphere for their needs.

Looking for ways to show off your business and it's great people regularly? Get in touch, let's talk!

~ Erin