Clara at 9 months - Onondaga Park, Syracuse NY

The last time I saw Clara, she was 6 months old and we were celebrating her accomplishment of sitting up. She is growing so fast! Now, she is 9 months old and standing! It doesn't get any sweeter than this. We hung out under the willow trees at Onondaga Park in Syracuse to create and capture some 9 month memories. Take a peek at some of this session's highlights, and check back in another 3 months as we complete the one year plan! family photo under willow treebaby in a wrap

Kerry is a master baby carrier and is very skilled at using wraps to carry Clara around. Clara seems to enjoy the ride as well!

onondaga park baby girlmom and dad with baby clarababy in the park

"Why won't this book OPEN .... ooo bubbles!"

family under willow tree

This is my favorite type of session. Enjoying a beautiful day with this wonderful family as they genuinely enjoy each other. I'm so lucky that this can be my gift to the world. -Lori