Cobblestone Living Magazine : Victor NY Photographer

family with dog

For the past few months, we have had the honor to work with some great families in the Cobblestone neighborhood of Victor. Some who have lived there just a few years, others who have had a hand in building the original development. It's been fun getting to meet new people and hear their stories. And then, to see them published! cover of cobblestone living

The Cobblestone neighborhood is a beautiful area that surrounds the Cobblestone Creek Country Club. The monthly magazine celebrates the families, students, pets, lawns and travels of their neighbors. The articles are written by folks that live there about issues and people important to them. Each month there is a featured family in the "get to know your neighbors" section. That's where we come in!

Here are a few of the images we have made in the neighborhood.

train restore

cobblestone living

skiing family

family and dog

1961 vodka

All of the neighbors seem to have golf in common, but this couple had a putting green in their bedroom!

If you live in the neighborhood and want to suggest a family to be featured, send us an email! We'd love to connect.

Have a great day! Lori