Contest time and a small request : Rochester NY Wedding Photography


Rochester Bride & Groom CoverI have a's an easy one. It's a request you could have completed in the time it takes to finish reading this sentence. Please support us, and our amazing couple in hopefully winning the Spring Cover Contest for the Rochester Bride & Groom Magazine.

All  you have to do is click on the link below, like the image, then share it on your own facebook page: Kim & Mike

It appears that as of now, we're a little behind in this contest, so every vote you could help us gain would very, very appreciated!

Kim and Mike's day was a great one. Their amazing Wingate Barn wedding had many beautiful DIY touches. On top of that, they're also an amazingly fun group of people. They worked so hard to make their wedding day a success. So it's because of that, I believe they deserve to be this spring's cover winners.

It would really mean a lot to me to see one of our own on the cover of this magazine again. We've been fortunate to be a part of this contest a few times now, and each time it's exciting to be a part of. But we haven't won the cover in WAY too long! So we really need your help!

I've already thrown out the "I'm pregnant" card, but I won't hesitate to use it again and again...

So pretty please? Won't you support a fantastic couple? All it takes is a few clicks and a share!

To see more of Kim and Mike's day on our blog - check it out here!