Day-in-the-Life at the Family Cottage

Did you know, that there is an island in Lake Ontario, near Sodus? I didn't.

It's called Eagle Island, and is home to many summer cottages. Obviously, you need a boat to get there, so I got a lift to this day-in-the-life portrait session.

I started capturing the day before I even stepped onto the dock. It was my privilege to accompany this extended family on a summer day at their cottage. 

This day in the life session included both sun and rain (which we haven't had much of this year). Also, I can't call it a typical session, as most of my sessions don't take place on a boat. Though I think could get used to the idea...

I believe this documentary style of photography is overlooked in the family portrait realm. Life is a wild and crazy adventure, and perfect outfits in front of a wrinkle free background doesn't do it justice.

Andrea said this session was, "A perfect representation of what our summer weekends are like."  That makes me happy. Wouldn't you like a time machine to the best days of your life? 

So rather than tell you what we did, I want to show you. 

I think every family should have something like this, no boat or island cottage required. If you believe in the power of photography, and want to have a record of your wild, crazy, fun life, call us today! I can't wait to be a part of your adventure.


Disclaimer: We spent about 20 minutes of this five hour session making portraits, so it was roughly 95% documentary. Because this was an extended family gathering, everyone doesn't get together very often. So it made sense to get a couple of group shots that wouldn't naturally happen on their own. I'm okay with that if you are.

Lori Coleman

Lori and Erin Photography