Fairport Canal Days 2013

I've lived in Fairport for around 3 years now, and am proud to call it my home. I love all of the little shops in our village, walking the canal and the friendly people I have met here. Not to mention our plethora of ice cream shops... another perk.  :) This was the first year Erin and I participated in the annual Canal Days festivities. We volunteered our time to capture the event for the FPMA committee. By doing so, we were able to see all that the weekend really offers: food, music and lots of unique art! It truly is a wonderful event and was a lot of fun to document. We also set up shop on the last day of the festival and got to chat with both current and potential clients. We had a nice spot right by the lift bridge where we ran our photo booth. You can find all of the photo booth photos on our Facebook page.

Here are just a few of the many wonderful moments of this past weekend. Feel free to share your stories about Canal Days, or your favorite festival in the comments!

crowds at fairport canal days

music, bands at fairport canal days

A few of the musical entertainers

food at fairport canal days

Some of the food varieties at fairport canal days

fairport canal days volunteers

A few of the many volunteers that make canal days possible!

fairport canal days artisans

artisans at fairport canal days

artisans at fairport canal days

more artisans at fairport canal days

lori and erin booth at fairport canal days

Our booth set up!

boat under liftbridge

A boat going under the lift bridge at fairport canal days

painting and storm clouds

My uncle, Steve Duprey, painting away while the clouds threatened rain

poster artist

The artist for the Fairport Canal Days Poster!

duck race

Hundreds of ducks plunged into the canal for the annual duck race!