Fall Photo Hike 2014: Corbett's Glen, Rochester NY Photography


We're so lucky to live in such a gorgeous part of the world in the fall season. Gorgeous reds, yellows and oranges all around us on every tree branch. We love to photograph our family sessions every fall, but we also love to just get out there and enjoy it as well. A hike was the perfect way to take it all in. It's such a great location in all seasons for hiking. This Fall, our photo hike took us back to Corbett's Glen. We had a small but great group along with us, and we all took away something different from the hike. Stronger friendships, a little photography knowledge and the beauty around us made for a great morning.

It's always so interesting to see what each individual eye sees, especially when we're all in the same setting. And so as usual, we've compiled everyone's photographs into one slideshow to share! Enjoy what we saw in this slideshow, and next time come along!