Family Portraits for Cobblestone Living | Victor, NY Photography

We really love meeting and photographing local families. Hearing their stories, seeing the way they interact together and how they live. Every family unit is unique and interesting! Cobblestone Living is a magazine that also celebrates this idea, so it has been a wonderful collaboration. Each month, we get to meet and work with a different family in this Victor neighborhood. I thought I would show you a couple recent families we had the pleasure of working with!

First up, the Utter Family. Jody is a Realtor and her husband works for Seedway. They have 3 daughters, but only two were able to get together for the portraits. We missed Erika, but still had fun with Jacqueline and Marigrace! The landscaping was flawless, thanks to Billy's gardening talents. And their backyard blends right into the golf course. Only once did we have to hurry up on a shot so I could get out of the golfers' way! It was an easy going session and lovely group of people.

Next, the Braun Family. Also three kids, but this time all boys! They are a retired Navy family, hence the red, white and blue theme for the photos. I loved hearing about all the places they have lived. It was a really interesting thought to realize that when JJ, the oldest, goes off to college, those four years will be the longest he has ever lived in the same place! 

I love these two family shots: the nice perfect looking family in the backyard, and a little goofy shot in the front yard. The dogs did a great job too, although they weren't too happy about the fireworks going off in the distance!

We'd love to get to know your family too! 

Until next time,

Lori Coleman

The daughter of filmmakers, Lori may have been predestined for a life in the creative world. She met her husband, John, while studying photography at RIT. When not creating heirlooms for her friends, family, and clients, she can usually be found in the woods or on a yoga mat. Either way, her dogs Molley and Mouse are never far away.