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Family portraits in the woods

Want to know the magic formula for family portrait session with two children under the age of five? There's a few items to remember when planning your outdoor family portrait with young kids. 1) Let them play! The more we get to have fun and run around, the more likely it is we'll see some true smiles and maybe even some laughter. At Tiffany & Jared's family session below, as soon as we challenged the boys to a race, it was on. They had so much fun running up and down the nature trails! Those are the moments you want us to capture, right? Don't be afraid to let your kids, "be kids" in front of the camera.

2) Plan for enough time: If you know that your babes are a little shy with people, a half an hour of time with a photographer might not be enough time to get those cute moments caught on camera. After more time together with us, kids are much less shy (this works for adults too!), and much more willing to be themselves in front of the lens.

3) This one is HUGE...more important than the last two. Ready? Are you sure? Ok, here goes.

The secret is "A.B.C."

Always. Bring. Candy.


At Tiffany & Jared's family session, we did exactly that. The kids played, and ran and had fun. And when they weren't having fun or not being on their best "little kid behavior", we had the back up plan – M&M's. At the end of the session, I know that Tiffany was a little worried that we may not have caught their cute smiles.

But when Mom saw her teaser photograph on Facebook, her fears were put to rest, and a proud Mom emerged.

Tiffany, Jared & Family, thank you for a super cute November session. Tiffany, I know these photographs mean a lot to you, so even if we need a bagful of candy to capture those smiles, I'm in, always. I'm so thankful for you and always happy to photograph your family.

Til next time...always bring candy!

Hilton NY Family Portraits

Hilton NY Family Portraits

Hilton NY Family Portraits

Hilton NY Family Portraits