FAQ: Wedding Photography, What's Our Style?

What's our Style? It's very a common question. Every wedding website and magazine tells couple's to ask it.  And a common answer might simply be: "photojournalism."

We feel that there's a bit more to a photography style than that. We believe that our style is composed of two distinct parts. One where both of us are fully able to fill both roles.

Our wedding photography is a beautiful blend of the romance you want to see in each other, and the documentary style of photography that tells the story as it's happening candidly. All the while, focusing on the relationships that matter to you.

As you look through our new wedding portfolio page, you'll see what we mean! 

You'll also notice that our images are clean and timeless. Black and white? Yes, because it's a classic look. We purposely choose NOT to use faded filters and effects on our images. Why? Because we don't follow along with fads. Because when you look back at your wedding album in 25 years, you don't want to say "Oh look, the Instagram Era." Your album will always look timeless.

Because a wedding is more than just one style of photography. Between the two of us, we each have an eye and a love for both!

Two viewpoints, to tell one timeless, romantic story - yours.