featured newborn: welcome baby k!


Winnie, Amy and Steve's first love and fur baby, has competition... stinkin' cute competition.

We just love seeing our former wedding couples as their families grow. First with the wedding, then they get a puppy (or vice versa in some cases). Then, when the time is right, along come babies. Super cute babies. I was so excited when I heard Amy & Steve were expecting a little girl, and was thrilled to get to meet her last week.

We arrived, piles of gear in tow, ready to create beautiful images. But as we started bringing our things in, we noticed among the clothing choices, and blankets that Amy had prepared for us... a snowboard? Apparently, Steve wanted to throw us a little creative curve ball. His request? An image which incorporated his snowboard. Challenge accepted, and with Lori's help, challenge conquered!

Congratulations Amy and Steve, you're going to be truly amazing parents. We are so happy for you, and wish you all the best on this new adventure into parenthood!

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