Flowers and Rings: Wedding Inspiration in Rochester NY

Let's talk about a few more details. Both the bright and bold and the small and sparkly. Your flowers and rings.

First we'll talk flowers. From what we've seen, there's no wrong way to brighten your wedding with flowers (real or fake). We've seen some amazing work from our local florists and even some very creative DIY from brides themselves. I love how many different ways you can create a bouquet, boutonniere or centerpiece. Some of our favorite floral vendors are shown below, including In Bloom, Rockcastle and Stacy K Floral. Check them out some of our favorites from 2017!

And then there's your rings they're the symbol of commitment, and traditional element that binds you together. The best part about photographing your rings is always trying to incorporate a little piece of you or the day into the image. For example, raindrops on garden flowers on a rainy wedding day, or between the ropes used as boating decor from a wedding day on the Erie Canal. Setting them up somewhere unique, (maybe using an elegant reflection) is a fun part of our job.

Whatever style you choose, whatever colors suit you - the most important factor in all of this is you. Be yourself, choose your style because you love it, not because it's what's the latest craze.

We can't wait to see what you come up with!
~ Erin


Erin Perrotta

Erin’s creative background roots began with her family and her education in Digital Media/Fine Arts degree at Canisius College. While she enjoys a good adventure, Erin is most comfortable at home with family (husband, Matt and son, Lucas) or friends, a good book, and a cup of coffee.