Friday Favorite: Rochester NY Wedding Photographers


It might still be bitter cold outside, but the month of March, makes me think of Spring. This makes me think of green grass, summer time... and weddings! Today's favorite image is from one of our gorgeous, outdoor weddings of 2014. Oh, I can just feel that sun on my face all over again! It's unique, and a fun reflection of our bride and groom having a kiss with the party going on behind them. We're always on the lookout for something different, whether it's a portrait session or a wedding.

At this wedding, we found something different in the VW Beatle that the bride arrived in with her father. So not only was it unique, it was also meaningful, and that makes the image mean even more to me.

See the rest of Ben and Brittany's wedding day here on the blog. And stay warm, friends! Spring is ALMOST here! ~ Erin