Friday Favorite : Romantic, On the Farm Wedding


This image, taken by Lori, is one of our favorites from the 2014 wedding season. It's a great shot from Becky and Dan's wedding day, held on their own farm last June. Their amazing DIY wedding continues to amaze me even today. So any way, why do I love this particular image? Because she made a tractor look romantic, and let's be honest - a little bit sexy. I'm not a farmer, and even I want this image on my wall.

She could have easily taken this same shot while the sun was still out, earlier in the day. However it definitely wouldn't have had the same effect. The lighting used, the touch of sunset in the sky, and the silhouette of the couple work together perfectly.

I believe that this image feels romantic, while at the same time giving us an insight into Becky and Dan's relationship together. Above all the lighting, the sunset, and the tractor - their love for each other is the most important part of this image. Thus, it makes the blog today as a favorite, and hopefully warms your heart on this super cold Friday morning.

Until next time! Erin