Friday Favorite: real moments in wedding photography

Some of my favorite wedding moments are not the most "over the top, wow" images. We take hundreds of photographs on any given wedding day. Of those, only about 100 of them will go in the couple's album. While we always strive for amazing photos, sometimes they're just a record of what's happening at that moment. These are the "in between" moments; they're all still important and worth remembering.

For example, the littlest flower girl at Kim & Matt's wedding had a little bit of stage fright before her walk down the aisle. She was nervous, understandably so.

Rather than stop shooting during this time, so as not to photograph a possible negative moment, we kept going. And with that decision, these shots of her being comforted by her favorite stuffed animal as she headed down the aisle were captured.

Was it ideal that Dumbo made the trek down the aisle? No, most likely not. It wasn't "picture perfect."

But it was real, and it was part of the story of the day. And that means everything. ~ Erin