Happy Anniversary to Us! : Rochester NY Photography

One year ago today, we embarked on a brand new journey. It was a new start, a clean slate for us both as business owners. A new name, a whole new business identity, a partnership. Personally, I'm not only grateful for our partnership, but our friendship as well. When one of us has a down day, the other is always there to calm nerves and encourage us to keep moving forward. When we need to have fun, we do. And when we need to get work done, we do.  Thankfully, those two things can combine to form a professionally, fun work environment! My work wife keeps us pushing the limits of our capabilities - which I don't thank her for often enough.

We each had a similar vision of what we wanted to achieve, but we never dreamed it'd build this quickly. We've worked hard, harder than ever before, and have grown so much. On this, our anniversary, it's been great to reflect on all of the ups and the downs. We are excited to continue growing, learning more and having even more fun in the year to come.

So much of this anniversary, we owe to many of you. To our husbands, who have been willing to share their spouses. To our friends and families who support us without fail. And to all of you who have allowed us to be a part of your lives. Thank you, and here's to an even better 2014!


Fairport - East Rochester Post article, published on February 28, 2013

lori and erin with cake