Here's to 5, or 45 more: a very happy anniversary

Last week I mentioned it was our 5th wedding anniversary, a big milestone! If you know my relationship with my husband, you'd know that he's the chef that counteracts my cereal addiction, and the calm to my impatient side.  You'd know that he's smart and analytical. He runs numbers, while I run the creative department of our household - most of the time that is. And despite my obvious love for all things love, he's the more romantic of the two of us.

When it comes to being cute and romantic, he steps up big. I don't think he likes it when I talk about him. But if I don't brag about him, how will other husbands and boyfriends have a standard to live up to?  :)

On the morning of our anniversary, my day started like any other. I stumbled out of bed, and headed to the couch where I continued to wake up while Matt readied for work. And as I watched Matt Lauer & Savannah Guthrie discuss the morning news, suddenly the computer sang out the intro to David Letterman's "Top 10 Countdown" followed by:

Matt: "The Top 5 Gifts Erin Will Receive on our Anniversary!!" Me: "Wait what? 5?! Oh man, I think I need to go shopping."

The morning then started with the gift of travel - to a cute B&B in Canada on our upcoming trip to the 1000 Islands.  Number four arrived around noon, the "expected gift." A beautiful bouquet of purple flowers was delivered. Which, while beautiful and I loved them - the effect of having flowers delivered to your office is dulled when your co-workers include only a dog who is more interested in the delivery guy. Number three, was "traditional." It was a beautiful handmade wooden jewelry box. Number two was my favorite perfume. I had run out a few years ago, and he remembered! And finally, Number one was all Vera Bradley for my "soon to be new" office... love. I swear, my coffee tastes so much better from my Vera coffee cup.

Gifts aside, the thought that went into the whole day mattered more! Simply put, I am a lucky girl.

We move into a new home in two days, and it's a little bittersweet.  We have so many memories wrapped up in this house - the day we brought our puppy home, getting engaged, getting married, parties with friends and family, our daily routines and little moments. We've been talking about how all of that will be a little bit different in our new house. And just as soon as we dig out out from underneath all of the moving boxes, I can't wait to find out how.

See you on the flip side friends! ~ Erin