Hey Seniors: Win a $500 scholarship for college | Rochester NY Senior Photos

With the rising costs of education, scholarships are more important than ever. Without all of the financial aid and scholarships I received, RIT would have only been a dream. I applied for every scholarship I qualified for, from local to state and national. I didn't get them all, but the ones I got were incredibly helpful. I earned my BFA from my #1 school, and had the time of my life while doing it! senior girl flowers

If you are a high school senior, it's crunch time! With proms, finals, and graduation on the horizon, there is so much to do! So, let's get to the point: a local friend of ours, Vittorio Menswear and Tuxedo is offering a $500 scholarship to help offset college expenses. So stop on in - try on a tux, and pick up an application! You can also get all the details on the Vittorio website. There is no purchase necessary, but the June 30th deadline is approaching fast.

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So here is my advice: just do it. Take the time, apply for as much help as you can. Your future self will thank you when you graduate with far less debt! Here are a couple more resources to help you find some financial assistance:

Fairport Central School District Scholarship List

The Community Foundation



Oh and hey, enjoy these last few months of high school. They are going to fly by, so take lots of photos to remember it all! ~Lori

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