A Gift in Memory of my Aunt Michele

There are certain days in my life that I will never forget. The day John proposed and the day we got married are two of the best. I remember every detail. There is another day I remember so acutely that I can't believe it was 5 years ago today. Unfortunately, it was not one of the good days. It was one of, if not the, hardest day of my life. My family was gathered at my parents house, celebrating my nephew Joey's first trip to New York when a cop knocked on the door. My aunt, my god mother, my role model, was killed instantly in an accident while riding her bicycle.

I'm already choking up as I picture the scene, the days following, and the wake. I miss her so much, and I know I am not the only one. She was loved by so many people: family, friends, students, & teammates. It's often the little things that remind me of her, like shopping for Christmas gifts and feeling like I forgot someone. I didn't forget, but this year, I'm going to give the gift to someone else.

In honor of my Aunt Michele, I want to give the best gift I know how: photography. Things can change in an instant, so this is the opportunity for someone, whether it's the perfect moment or not, to record this moment in life. Celebrate what you have, cherish it, love your family. I'll help.

To honor her memory this month, I want to give a session to someone deserving. The only requirement to enter this giveaway, is that you share something in common with my Aunt. I'm pretty sure almost everyone is eligible. Michele Duprey was:

  • a teacher (physical education, health)
  • a coach (lacrosse, softball, track, basketball)
  • an athlete (softball, rugby, golf, cycling, running, okay: all sports)
  • a dog lover (dalmatians in particular, she fostered & adopted several)
  • a musician (guitar and vocals)
  • a daughter, sister, aunt, cousin, and niece
  • a former corvette owner
  • a lover of life, travel, wine, & family

To enter yourself or a friend, fill out this short form by July 5th. (We'll notify the winner the following week.)

If you have a memory of Michele, feel free to share it in the comments below. She may be gone for now, but she will never be forgotten. Her memory lives on in all of us who knew her.

With Love, Lori


Left: One of my all-time favorite photographs, taken at Michele's last Christmas with us. On the right, her last school portrait.


Michele and I at my baptism

memorial cross

This cross is at the site of her accident. A pair of her sneakers hang there as a symbol of her love of athletics.