it's all in the details: rochester, ny wedding photography

We love everything about weddings. We talk a lot about the relationships and special moments we strive to capture at each and every wedding. But we never forget to photograph all of the little details too. The details are the culmination of many small decisions, put together to portray you, your style and your wedding day. Hours, if not days went into all of them.

Your shoes, your dress, your flowers and colors. Cake or cupcakes? What will your champagne flutes look like? Band or DJ? You even made sure your garter matched your wedding style.

If they're important enough for you to spend time planning them, they are important for us to photograph.

Because, maybe your wedding dress has been handed down for generations. Or maybe, on your first date, you danced to a timeless song which only a band can do justice. After that date, he sent you yellow roses, which is why you chose them for your bouquet. Cake or cupcakes? Neither, you both love apple pie with ice cream instead. And those champagne flutes? Well, they were the very same glasses your grandparents used at their wedding fifty years ago.

We know the details matter.

So to honor all of those little decisions our couples have made, here are some of our favorite detail photographs from recent weddings. If you'd like to talk details with us, give us a shout!  Thank you for stopping by, and enjoy!

Hyatt Regency Rochester NY Wedding Photography

Rochester NY Wedding Photography

Rochester NY Wedding Photography

Rochester Riverside Convention Center Wedding Photography

Rochester NY Wedding Photography