Laura and Kevin: Letchworth State Park Engagement Session


If you ask me, I knew when Laura met Kevin that she'd found the right guy. There was something in the way she talked about him that gave her away. But that's just this girl's opinion. I've been honored to watch this relationship grow from "I think I like him," to "We're getting married!" He makes her laugh, and she does the same for him. Their cute and cuddly pets are koi fish. Apparently, Kevin also enjoys turtles. They're favorite things to do together include "waterfall observation" and "legos!"  They're nerdy, artsy-smartsy, and silly.

Quite honestly they're absolutely perfect together.

I'm doubly honored to get to be a part of their wedding day story, as an MOH. We are currently on the hunt for the perfect dress. One which not only looks glamorous, but in which I can photograph as well. Because,'s me, I don't know how to NOT shoot at a wedding. Thankfully, Lori will have us covered as well.

For their engagement session, we returned to the scene of the proposal at Letchworth State Park. It was a beautiful night, for a beautiful couple! I can't wait to see what the future holds for these two. In the meantime - let the dress hunt continue! As Kevin would say "Adventure!"

~ Erin

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