Lori's 365 Photo a Day : January Recap


Normally, I'm not one for new years resolutions. I haven't made them since I was a kid, as I would get really into it for a few weeks, and then move on. Well, I'm challenging myself this year to push my creativity with a photo-a-day project. Your job is to hold me to it! Just kidding, but you are invited along for the ride! It may not seem like such a tough task... make and share one photo everyday. I am a professional after all, this is what I do for a living. However, in the winter (aka slow time) it's easy to get caught up working on the business side of things. Days could go by where I'm absorbed in the computer, avoiding the snow and cold. By taking on this goal, I'll have to pick up a camera, any camera, at least once a day. It'll force me to think creatively and never be far from the photographer's mindset.

My plan is to have a theme for each month, and the first month was simply life. You'll see a variety of things that separately don't seem related, but together form a pretty decent overview of me. From my dogs and family, to workouts and work, things around the house, Wegmans, friends, food, comments on the weather and more.

365 project january 2014

I'm excited about this! I have decided to share my photo each day on my brand new Instagram account. (Yeah, I know I'm late to the Instagram party, but I am loving it!) So join me there for the daily updates, or check back on the blog for next months' recap.

Keep Clicking, Lori