Lori's 365 Project: Food February

2014-02-14 19.01.06

Month 2 of the photo a day project, and I chose to have a theme this time. Simply: food. I've always thought of food as one of the hardest subjects to photograph. My goal here was to push outside of my comfort zone. I do best with moving things, but I wanted to see how many different ways I could light, present and work with the theme. This resulted in multiple interpretations from literally what I had for dinner, to the act of cooking, to enjoying food, to researching recipes and more. It also included an image from our visit to the Alton Brown tour, which while not a shot of food was a photo of a chef, so I count it. :)

This was the perfect month for this topic as my husband decided to test several new recipes as part of our new healthy eating plan. So I got to test my plating skills in addition to taste testing!

photo a day 365 february

Weddings are typically the only time I find myself photographing the culinary arts. At which time, they are usually already professionally displayed (wedding cakes, dinner plates). So for this project, I had create the presentation and ambiance myself.

Most of the images this month were shot with my DSLR, however there were a few days I opted for the ease of my iPhone. This includes ice cream night, the Alton Brown show, and a few others. My favorite photos this month include the apple chips, peach slice in the smoothie and Molley under the table of course! Overall, I feel like I met the goal of multiple interpretations of the subject, but am glad to be moving on to a new one!

Thanks for following along! Lori

dog licking peanut butter off a knife