Lori's 365 Project: May 2014

village of fairport ny

May started out with a theme idea from my mom- flowers. I expanded on that to include all of nature, but was quickly overwhelmed when business started to take off. Funny how things start blooming and then all of a sudden, the phone rings! So this month is a mismash, hodge podge of semi-random images. On days when I didn't have a chance to seek out a personal image, I used things created for work. Portraits, weddings, products, they're all a part of my life and a part of this project now! If I had time, I enjoyed capturing the natural beauty of Spring in the forms of various flowers, plants and views.

So it may be a bit random, but I haven't missed a day yet! My photo-a-day 365 project lives to fight another day! Enjoy, and be sure to join me on instagram @lorianderin for the day to day updates. -Lori

365 project may