Lori's 365 Project Part 6: June!

nature trail

Halfway through! This is another month of randomness in my photo-a-day project. However, looking back at these images makes me realize just how fast life goes by. Looking at this set, each captured one day throughout the month of June, I see so much STUFF that happened. If you don't journal or do a project like this, it's easy to blink and not see time passing. Using this month as an example, here's what the last 30 days looked like: a wedding, canal days, a new haircut, softball, dinner with family, drinking with friends, trying new food, watching the garden grow, a new backsplash, hiking, biking, boating, learning, reading and, of course, photography.

Phew. Some days it doesn't seem like much happens, but when you look at it like that, we sure do a lot in one month! How are you keeping busy this summer? I sure hope you are having some fun!

Thanks for following along on the adventure... Lori blog_0094.jpg