Meet Nigel the Gnome : Lori's 365 Project continues


So April brought a bit of a change of pace for my 365 project. March's Portrait Month was a lot of fun, but very time intensive with the scheduling and editing. So for this month, we went with a new, lower profile theme: Nigel the Gnome. Nigel has gone everywhere with me these last 30 days. From the backyard to the mall; Village of Fairport to the city of St. Louis; he met the family, the dogs and even made friends at the zoo. What an adventure we have had! I even dabbled in a couple of video shots to spice things up a bit. As always, you are welcome to join us day-to-day on the Instagram feed, or check out the monthly recap below. Enjoy!


nigel the gnome photos

Video Clips Featuring Nigel the Gnome