My Family Yearbooks | Rochester NY Photographers

My husband and I got married in 2008. And from 2009 on I began my career as a photographer. At family functions, my camera is always nearby ready to capture the moment. Vacations, holidays, birthdays - I've been photographing these events in our own lives for years.

So, naturally I have a lot of hard drive space consumed by the digital files of my personal photos.

I have. so. many. pictures.

Lately, I've been trying very hard to get organized. It's all is long, tough process. Mostly because I'm the ultimate procrastinator. I'll find any way that I can to ignore a mess. So to ignore my piles of clothes and toys that need homes, I decided to work on my hard drives.  I've been making sure that those pictures have homes - in a book.

And honestly, it's more important to me to make sure my memories are preserved than my 10 year old pair of sneakers. It's so important to me to get these photographs into books. Why? Because technology can fail. Hard drives die, or become outdated. And social media (ie - facebook/instagram) may someday go the way of myspace. No technology is immune to being obsolete.

What would I show my son if all of that is somehow lost?!

Once he was born, finishing these books became more important than ever. I'm glad to say, I've now printed 5 of the 7 years worth of photographs in books.

I have two left to design and print, but only because I can't decide on which photos to include. Since the last two years have included my son in the photos, naturally I'm attached to almost all of them.

Yes, the process is daunting, but in the end it's so rewarding to have our memories preserved in a way we'll always cherish and won't fail me like my computer will inevitably do.

These books are similar to what the book created for our members would be like. I consider them my "family yearbooks."  If you're interested in making them for yourself, get started. I'm sure you can find all kinds of Pinterest ideas to get you going. And if you'd rather have someone else create them for you, get in touch! 


Erin Perrotta

Erin’s creative background roots began with her family and her education in Digital Media/Fine Arts degree at Canisius College. While she enjoys a good adventure, Erin is most comfortable at home with family (husband, Matt and son, Lucas) or friends, a good book, and a cup of coffee.