My ricotta filled guilty pleasure

Hi, my name is Lori and it has been 30 minutes seconds, since my last cannoli. I'm not sure exactly when the addiction formed, but let's put it this way: rather than cutting a cake at our wedding, yep, my husband and I fed each other a cannoli.

It was almost a Mike's cannoli. I did an internship in Boston several years ago, and fell in love with the famous Mike's Pastry Shop in the North End.  No trip to the city now is complete without a stop, or two... or three. I never found another cannoli that compared.

For our wedding anniversary, my sneaky husband came up with a brilliant gift he knew I'd love. He drove all over the Rochester area to 4 different pastry shoppes purchasing various cannolis. We had a taste off, and if you are wondering - Savoia's in the city was the local winner. But still, it was no Mike's. Just this September, we planned our first return trip to Boston in several years, to get cannoli's visit some friends and family there.

Boston cannolis

Obviously, we went to Mike's. This trip, however, after many suggestions, we also went to Modern Pastry, and decided to do another taste-off, Boston style. Here are the results:

  • Largest cannoli: Mike's Pastry
  • Best looking cannoli: Modern Pastry
  • Most Flavors: Mike's Pastry
  • Best Taste: *drumroll please* .... the red velvet cheesecake from Mike's Pastry!

Wait, what? I didn't mention my other weakness-- cheesecake? Opps, sorry. Both cannoli's were fantastic, I had a hard time picking a winner between the two. The one non-cannoli item I purchased was a slice of red velvet cheesecake (not pictured). I have been allowing myself only a few bites a day in order to make it last. (Ask Erin, I didn't even offer her a taste!)

Modern Pastry cannolis

Mike's Pastry cannolis

Boston cannolis

Now if you'll please excuse me, I'm off to the gym for the next... forever.