My Three Grandmothers

This is a personal post, dedicated to my three grandmothers, Nina, Peg and Mary. I love you!

A Little Background

I was lucky enough to grow up with both sets of grandparents close by. I didn't realize how unique this was, until a recent chat with my husband. He only ever knew one set of grandparents, and it was a 6 hour drive to go visit them. My family was close, and losing my grandfathers were two of the hardest days of my life. I still remember them very clearly. Grandpa Pete left us when I was in high school, and Grandpa Dupe when I was in college. When John and I got married, I inherited his set of grandparents, and was excited to have a grandpa again. I now have three grandmothers and one grandfather, all of whom are wonderful beyond words.

My Three Grandmothers

Between the three of them, you could say they've "got it all." Cancer, diabetes, heart conditions, knee conditions, lung conditions, vision impairment, carpal tunnel, arthritis, and more. But more importantly, they have hope, love, faith, family, humor and strength beyond measure. I have learned much and am continually inspired by their lives, courage and outpouring of love.

A few weeks ago, Grandma Dupe decided to have a party. She wanted to see her favorite people again and tell them how much she loved them. It was a chance for us to eat together, laugh together, and make more memories. Coincidentally, Grandma Mary decided to do the same thing in Connecticut. The whole family got together "just because" we wanted to celebrate life. We spent back to back weekends celebrating the lives of these great women. Of course, I had my camera along and enjoyed seeing the joy and happiness on everyone's faces.

family group photo

grandma and grandpa c

family and friends group

a toast to grandma

two grandmas

me and gram d

Celebrate Life

The message I want you to take away from today's blog post is this: Celebrate Life. In regards to photography, this is one of the driving forces behind my art. When we talk about photography as an "investment," this is why. Your photographs will steadily go up in value to you over time. Why are albums the things people reach for in a fire or flood? They are memories that only exist in tangible form because of photography. My point is: take the picture. Make the memory. NOW. Celebrate the good times, and be sure to record and cherish them, as I cherish these memories with my grandmas.

Cheers, Lori