New York City Heirloom Album

What do you do with all of the iphone photographs you have stored away? Have you ever done anything with them? What would you do with them if they were photographs of your wedding day, in Central Park, in New York City?

Those big and little moments captured with your favorite people are most often captured on your phone. After all, it's your go to camera, right? We are professionals, but we believe that all photos deserve to be printed.

Thankfully, Andy and Elizabeth did too. So they came to us with their own photographs (taken by both phone and DSLR) from their wedding day in New York City and asked us to design them an heirloom.

So we helped them curate their story and design an album from our Artisan album series. The resulting book is both beautiful and stylish, a perfect match Andy and Elizabeth's personalities.

Do you have a story of your relationships that only lives on your phone or on social media? Just ask - we can help bring it to life.

~ Erin

Erin Perrotta

Erin’s creative background roots began with her family and her education in Digital Media/Fine Arts degree at Canisius College. While she enjoys a good adventure, Erin is most comfortable at home with family (husband, Matt and son, Lucas) or friends, a good book, and a cup of coffee.