Nicole and Matt, Married! Syracuse NY Wedding Photography

This was a unique experience for me. Hey all, it's Lori – and  I was in this wedding. Don't worry, I took photos too...I mean really, it is a wedding after all. But before I get into all of that, let me introduce Nicole and Matt. Matt is my brother-in-law, and Nicole is my newest sister-in-law! They are the parents of the most adorable nephew, Landon. I love to be a part of their lives, not only as family, but as the one who gets to capture their important moments as well. If you remember, we got to photograph them up in the Thousand Islands earlier this year, which was a ton of fun. They are both avid volleyball players and they have two spunky little dogs. They are fun to be around, full of laughs and stories and great friends!

The wedding was in November and the weather was about as good as November could be. The had a beautiful Catholic ceremony, followed by photos at Onondaga Park and a reception at Barbagallo's Restaurant. My photographic role in the day was to cover the getting ready and later on, the reception. So: photograph a song, dance a song, repeat. :)

hair and makeup and mimosas!dress, shoes, jewelry

grandma's pin

getting the dress ongetting readyring and dressmom attaching the pin

If you are wondering why there are no ceremony photos in this post, well, that's because I was a bridesmaid. I was on the altar, and as much as we joked about me carrying a camera instead of a bouquet, in the end, I carried flowers. It was a very cool experience to be so close to them, to be able to watch Matt's face as he said his vows and truly enjoy the moments as our family expanded once more.

Fear not, there is pictorial evidence that a ceremony took place! Crystal, a wonderful Syracuse based photographer, was on-hand to take the photos I could not. She covered the ceremony and the bridal party photos – and I can't wait to see what she captured!

shooting bucks

dance floor test shot

crowd at introduction

first dancefather daughter dancemother son dance



toast with kidcupcakesboy hidinglittle girl

dance floor

All in all, it was a truly wonderful day and I am so excited to welcome Nicole as an official Coleman! Thanks for letting me be on both sides of the lens. I was honored to stand up for you, and enjoyed capturing the day as well. Congratulations, and I love you both!!