our promise: part five, quality

Quality should speak for itself, it's important to us and hopefully important to you also! We're invested in quality so many ways- from the gear we bring, to the editing process, to the final product we offer to you. Let's investigate further shall we? The biggest investment in the quality of our work, is in getting to know our clients. We invest in getting to know you, your likes & dislikes, and what makes you tick together. We want to show your love for each other in a way that reflects who you are, and we do that best by learning more about you!

I'm not going to spend a whole paragraph listing out every item in our cases of gear. I'm fairly certain that the fact that we use eneloop batteries in our flashes means very little to you. What's important for you to know, is that we are constantly investing in top quality gear - and that we know how to use it. The same can be said for our image processing, which is also important to the quality of your photographs. Here again, our computer equipment matters, and as technology continues to evolve, we keep up with the latest. But we believe that knowing how to use the tools we have efficiently and effectively is just as important.

So let's talk about education. Lori is our resident RIT graduate, she's always making sure she's living up to her professor's standards. And in my college days at Canisius, while I didn't graduate with a photography degree, I took more than my fair share of courses on the subject. My degree is in Digital Media Arts, with a minor in Fine Arts. So, I'd say we're each educated!  It doesn't end there though! Even now, years after our formal schooling days have past – we're always learning new techniques in order to better ourselves and our quality. We remain members of the Greater Rochester Professional Photographers, where we attend lectures, and classes to keep our skills current and continue to improve.


The final product, is just as important as the images we take. We want what we give you to be more than electronic files. Those files are your memories, in binary code. We don't want them to stay as 0's and 1's forever, that makes us sad. So, we've researched quality products, from quality professional photography labs. We offer everything from modern acrylic wall art, to a classic and stylish archival wedding album.

We hope it's clear to you, that our quality matters to us. We're invested in so many ways, all of which work together to create a great photographic experience for you from start to finish. Contact us, let's talk more about your wedding day experience!

Today's set of pictures for this series is all about the cake!  Lori and I LOVE us some delicious cake!

Casa Larga Wedding Photography

Wildwood Country Club Wedding Photography

Hickory Ridge Wedding Photography, Rabbit Room Wedding Photography

Hyatt Regency Wedding Photography Rochester NY

Rochester Riverside Convention Center wedding, Rabbit Room Wedding

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