our promise: part three, a speedy delivery

Welcome to part three of "our promise" series. Today's topic is important to the planning of a wedding, but is sometimes overlooked- speed.Without more description, it kind of sounds like I'm a race car driver, safely making only left turns at 100 mph around a track. While my future in Nascar might be more exciting, it's not likely to happen anytime soon... at least not without my camera. So let's get down to business.

All of your planning, has led up to your wedding day. The excitement you feel is overwhelming, and the whole day flies by so fast. And we know, you don't want that feeling to end. After all, this was the best day of your lives.

This is why you hired a photographer. We know you want to see your wedding photographs, to relive your wedding day all over again. With an average turnaround time of 4-6 weeks, we work hard to make sure you get to see your images quickly!

There are two big reasons for why we are able to accomplish this. One, is because we know what to photograph on the day of your wedding. We don't waste time photographing 6000 images, then going through all 6000 of them one by one.  We are experienced wedding photographers. Not only do we know what is important to capture, we know how to do it well.

The second reason, is that we're a two woman team. There's not just one person editing your wedding, there's two of us. Do the math...with two people working hard on your photographs, the work will always get completed faster.

Thanks for reading! Here's a few more of our favorite photographs from our recent weddings to enjoy. This time, we're featuring the first kiss, one of the moments during the day that you'll never want to be speedy. Take your time, enjoy the moment!

Canandaigua NY Wedding

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Stay tuned for more of our promise blog post series! If you'd like more information about our wedding photography, you can check out our portfolio, get more info or contact us for a consultation!