Part 11 of the 365 adventure: November with Lori

If you've never challenged yourself with a 365 project, I'd like to encourage you to try it. Every month that I do this, I look back and think: wow, all of that happened in 30 days? It really has helped put things in perspective. Now, let's get specific. This month, I noticed a few trends in my images. First, a technology trend. I got a new computer, and my husband got a Smart Watch. Between those, the iPad, and our phones, we spend a lot of time with technology.


Then, food. I've photographed food a lot this year, as eating is something we do every day. However, this month the food was usually shared with someone. Girls night, cousins night, Thanksgiving... it was all wonderful.


Another favorite subject, my dogs. They also made an appearance this month, of course.


I did work a bit too. This month ranged from kids, to families, to construction equipment, to couples engaged.


But I also got to spend time with family, including surprising my dad on his 60th Birthday, playing dominoes with grandma, and taking my adorable niece to the George Eastman House.


But the photo of the month this time goes to a really special moment. You may have seen in last weeks post, that Erin's father has been dealing with cancer. Their family hosted an incredible benefit event in his honor to help with costs related to treatment. It included concerts by her aunt, the talented Josie Waverly, and also her Uncle Kevin, from Dr. Moxy. This photo was taken while Josie sang "How Great Thou Art". It was a powerful moment between family members. I was honored to capture it, and I am honored to know these folks.


There you have it... another month in the life of me. Hope to see you for the grand conclusion next month! -Lori