Paul’s Fun, Creative Professional Head Shots


Meet Paul: The Creative Person. He’s an app developer, podcaster, entrepreneur- extraordinaire! He’s also a coffee fanatic with a super adorable puppy. We met several years ago as students at RIT and had a blast reconnecting and creating these portraits for his growing business! When Paul approached me looking for “Fun, Happy Portrait Photos” I couldn’t resist. We don’t do lame, sad portraits here!

Paul has an office in Venture Creations at RIT. We started there to photograph him surrounded by his “tech”. The fancy microphone, Mac Pro with dual monitors & of course his iPhone, etc. I stood on a desk to create some fun angles for these environmental portraits. Then we went exploring and got creative in the lobby and outdoors as well. It was a fun afternoon!

The coolest part of it all though, is seeing it all in use! Check out Paul’s website here:

and The Creative Person Podcast

Keep it up Paul!


rochester ny head shot portraits
rochester ny head shot portraits